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It was a normal day at Choo Smith Enterprise in 2013 when I came to visit my big brother and former Harlem Globetrotter Choo Smith in his office. We were sitting around the office talking about what I can do upon my retirement from the Harlem Wizards. I tossed around the idea of creating a topical children’s book series. I was at a loss as to how to write such a book series and Coach Drew suggested that I write about something I know about instead. That is when I realized I could write about being small and getting cut from the high school basketball team. The same night I went home and wrote this story.


“My hope and goal in telling this story is to inspire and motivate young people to believe in themselves no matter how dark things appear, no matter how many “no’s” they hear they should never give up. I want to encourage young people to never abandon their dreams when faced with adversity. This story will demonstrate perseverance, family support, discipline, sacrifice, commitment , and self-confidence. While I decided to share this story in the form of a children’s book, I believe readers of all ages will receive a positive message from it.” –King Arthur

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